Conner Youngblood

Thursday 27th September - Green Door Store, Brighton

Spend a moment with the music of Nashville polymath Conner Youngblood and you’ll be comfortably welcomed into the presence of a great talent – one capable of speaking to the delicate, nuanced moments in life. Sitting somewhere between the more low-key elements of The Band (who Youngblood wrote a thesis on while studying at Yale), the beautiful melodics of Sufjan Stevens and the Grammy nominated songwriter Bon Iver, his forthcoming debut album (which he wrote, self-produced, and plays over 30 instruments on) feels embedded in the fabric of life – Youngblood examines what makes us human, the earth, translating his findings back into music. Having already supported the likes of The Pixies, Haim and Janelle Monae, watch out for new Conner Youngblood music coming soon.