Tuesday 23rd November

The Prince Albert, Brighton

Following the release of her beautiful 2020 album ‘BREACH’, Fenne Lily is now taking the opportunity to finally head out on the road and play it live!

Isolation is nothing new for Fenne Lily – in fact, her latest is an album of songs all about it. "It's kind of like writing a letter, and leaving it in a book that you know you'll get out when you're sad – like a message to yourself in the future," she says, referring to BREACH, her Dead Oceans debut she wrote during a period of self-enforced isolation pre-COVID. It’s an expansive, diaristic, frequently sardonic record that deals with the mess and the catharsis of entering your 20s and finding peace while being alone. "I think this record is proof that I can be emotionally stable, even if right now I feel a little bit up and down,” says Fenne. “There's the ability to find clarity in that. It's sobering, weirdly."

Support by Katie Malcolmson