Thursday 13th January
Chalk, Brighton

“We’re a lot less eager to please this time,” Natti Shiner, vocals, synth, and frontwoman of the band asserts. “And we’ve definitely found our groove.”


That groove is an 80s synth-pop, guitar-sprinting hyperdream. Fickle Friends’ sophomore album – due to be released on Cooking Vinyl - sees the group delve deeper into themes of identity, all-consuming love, and social media-aggravated anxieties that played out on their first record, but with maturity and independence providing a glorious level up. Dancing along the shimmering, sun-drenched synths and coming-of-age movie guitar runs are reflective issues, prised open with the introspective lyrics of Natti, a delicate songwriting touch and warm, enveloping vocals that call to mind Danielle Haim and The Japanese House. With DIY indie still at their beating heart, this record expands on polished pop sounds, following in the footsteps of The 1975 and MUNA. “We’re going for alt-pop – we know what our roots are as an indie pop band, but we’re really excited to explore those slightly outside-the-box pop songs, the off-kilter, ones that make you sit up and pay attention,” says Natti. “Of course, we’ve got the classic Fickle Friends songs too for good measure!”