Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone was the musical alias of 30 year old American film school drop-out Owen Ashworth.

Ashworth began his intricate ventures into abstract emotional music in 1997 after he realized that song-making was a far more cost-effective means of storytelling than film-making. To date, he has produced five CFTPA albums, released through Tomlab, that have defined a hybrid strain of raw, emotional and very homemade synth pop, that is instantly recognizable as his own. Claustrophobic two-minute character studies shuddered with reverbed beats, blown-out chords and simple but infectious melodies, all layered beneath Ashworth's bittersweet lyrical odes to love lost.

Owen Ashworth made his final ever performance under the alias 'Casiotone for the Painfully Alone' on December 5th 2010. Owen now performs under the alias 'Advance Base'.




OIB Split Volume 5 feat:
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone | Future Islands | Why? | Nullifier

OIB020 | 4 Tracks
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Goodbye Parthenon / Why? – Close to Me / Future Islands – New Face / Nullifier - Quesht
7" | Limited to 450 copies

Following on from OIB Records Split Series Volume 3 (featuring Lovvers; Knyfe Hyts; The Death Set; Best Fwends) and OIB Records Split Series Volume 4 (featuring Calories; Tubelord; My Device; Oneida) comes OIB Records Split Series Volume 5, a limited edition 7” bringing together four of the most exciting and experimental electro-pop party bands.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Goodbye Parthenon

After years of delivering perfectly formed, home-made lo-fi gems, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, retires his nom de guerre with the ultimate kiss-off farewell. Goodbye Parthenon sees the songs narrator fleeing town, driving over the horizon towards an unclear future, flipping the bird and kissing goodbye to the small town that shaped his life as he goes. The track is a high-energy, poignant sign-off from one of the most consistently fantastic and innovative artists of the genre, and a bittersweet swan-song from an all time OIB favourite, whose work will be sorely missed.

Limited to just 450 copies worldwide each record comes with reversible gatefold sleeves, inserts and one-inch badges designed by the bands involved.

OIB Records webstore exclusive, the first 50 sales of Split Series Volume 5 come with a very limited edition set of all 4 badges, each one designed by the bands involved, retail copies only come with one badge for the corresponding artists cover.



Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Town Topic

OIB005 | 4 Tracks
Ice Cream Truck / Town Topic (instrumental) / I Love Creedence (instrumental) / Green Cotton Sweater (version)
7" Vinyl | Limited to 200 copies Blue (sold out) + 500 copies clear + 500 copies black


Town Topic is the soundtrack EP for the American independant film Stay The Same Never Change by the critically acclaimed New York / Los Angeles artist Laurel Nakadate. Bathed in the blinding light and sticky heat of Kansas City's summer, Stay The Same Never Change utilises both amateur and first-time actors to create a fictional account of everyday lives and a portrait of a real place. It's an unsettling coming-of-age story delivered through the real-life experiences of youth in the American Midwest.

"Genius name, dark and stormy electronica - the sound of the astronauts on the international space station having a jam session whilst waiting for their new pump, and beaming the results to a teddy bears picnic back on earth." - Subba Cultcha

"You don't get much more jingly than 'Ice Cream Truck', it's a CFTPA classic, chuffing along in a swirling analogue dreamworld, his hazy downbeat mumble complementing the euphoric keyboard that really does sound the most ice creamy thing ever...he gets out the distorto pedal for closer, an alternative version of 'Green Cotton Sweater' that sounds like the most beautiful song ever made buried under a jackhammer electro beat stuck in a fuzzy loop. Genius." - Norman Records





Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - STSNC Instrumentals

PIAPTK025 | 10 Tracks
Twinkle Echo (reverse) / Nashville Parthenon (instrumental) / STSNC / Twinkle Echo (redux) / I Like Common / Possible Love Interest (ringtone) / Bad People (ringtone) / OMG (ringtone) / Probably Walkin Down The Street (ringtone) / Ice Cream Truck (instrumental)
7" | Limited to 300 copies worldwide
Released by PIAPTK

Random coloured vinyl only release that is the counterpart to our OIB Records released 'Town Topic EP'. Together they make up the soundtrack to the Laurel Nakadate film ' Stay The Same Never Change'. This 7" was released by the cult vinyl-only Olympia Washington label 'People in a Position to Know'. Limited to just 300 copies worldwide, 'STSNC Instrumentals' is a 10-track long instrumental record.