Jane Bartholomew

Brighton’s Jane Bartholomew is a pure talent who creates delicately crafted songs of quiet unimaginable beauty with the subtle precision of a surgeon’s knife. Making use of a travelling string section to powerfully compliment her voice, sparse piano and acoustic guitar, Jane’s music is elegant, hypnotic, and totally enthralling.

Deeply introspective, Jane Bartholomew’s music is a juxtaposition of the fragile beauty of her delicate vocal delivery and heart-wrenchingly beautiful piano and string arrangements against the dark and sombre lyrical output of Jane’s work. Her music is like a warm and comforting open fire yet with the dark and destructive qualities fire carries with it.

Drawing influence from Stina Nordenstam, Joanna Newsom, Nico and true Bristish folk originals such as Vashti Bunyan, Jane Batholomew is the new wave of delicate and life defining ‘true’ Bristish folk.

‘Captivating and delightful, dark minimalism’, Rolling stone.

‘A quirky elfin edge you'd associate with Joanna Newsom’, Norman records.

‘Like some sepia tweaked flashback tenderly tip toeing amid sensual string figurines’. Losing Today

You can find Jane Bartholomew on MySpace and her official site.