Krampus Is Coming

Volume 1


A very limited edition hand-made CDR compilation bringing together six of our favourite Brighton bands all offering up their unique take on the 'Christmas hit'. Each individual copy is hand-drawn, hand-made and hand-numbered by Thom Mountford. Limited to just 50 copies worldwide.

Krampus is Coming Volume 1 includes:

The Hornblower Brothers - Christmas Song / Curly Hair - Silly Billy Yellow / Foxes! - Christmas Songs / Lonely Ghosts - Christmas Time Is Here / Pseudo Nippon +The Todd Shrimp - Jingle Bells / My Device - Xmas In November

Krampus is Coming Volume 1 is now completely SOLD OUT!

Volume 2












One Inch Badge’s annual Xmas ‘KRAMPUS’ release returns again for 2010, this time in the form of an extremely limited-edition hand-made OIB Christmas cracker! Each cracker includes a classic paper hat, a joke, a toy, and a limited-edition Krampus is Coming Vol. 2 USB flash drive, featuring 9 of our favourite bands of 2011; all offering up their unique take on the 'Christmas hit'.

Taking its name from the mythical Austrian “Anti-Santa”; the evil and wicked Krampus deity, this series of festive hand-made collections began last year with a lushly packaged CD designed and painted by Thom Mountford that sold out in the batting of an eyelash. Mr. Mountford and OIB have expanded this vision even further this year, devising these very special cracker packages, featuring unique musical contributions from…

BROTHER EARTH (Todd Tobias of GUIDED BY VOICES) – Christmas In Your Face: Channeling the spirit of the blood in the stone, Native American punk and jive from Guided By Voice’s Todd Tobias and Steve Five.

CONCERN – Homesick and Strange: Drone folk and delicate analogue tape loops from Casiotone For The Painfully Alone’s brother.

ROOKS – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home): Balls to the wall punk outfit that sweat blood and spit bullets.

SOCCER96 – Peace For Xmas: Mind-bending two-piece mathrock coming across like a beatnik Lightning Bolt.

NEGATIVE PEGASUS – (A Dog Is) For Life: Hard-psyche & wooze, like listening to Zepplin on a broken stereo.

SAMMY AARON JR. (Pope Joan solo) – White Christmas: The Pope Joan frontman steps out in his winter finest for an unironic and fully sincere crooning session.

BOY COM – The Things That Make This Time of Year So Great: Lush motivational hip-hop.

NICK HUDSON & THE KEMPTOWN COLLIERY BAND – Christmas in the Heartland: Tender yearning and eerie long for the new dawn.

SPEAK GALACTIC – The Day Father Fell Thru the Ice: Scratchy, ambient pop music layering detuned guitars, samples and percussion over playful song structures and unsettling arrangements.


Plus every Krampus 2 USB includes the One Inch Badge Xmas 2010 ten-track sampler…featuring:

Nullifier – 30 Minute Heat // The Scheme Of Things
Lonely Ghosts – Love Projection // Ghosts Of Mice
Pseudo Nippon – Big Man Moustache // Gobachi
Mewgatz – Photocopy // Moscow Waltz
Robert Stillman – Broadwar // Impossible Tree

Limited to just 60 crackers - Krampus is Coming Volume 2 is now completely SOLD OUT!

Volume 3










The third instalment of the annual OIB Records Xmas themed 'KRAMPUS IS COMING' series. Following on from the sold-out 'present packed' Volume 1 and the 'USB Cracker' Volume 2 comes the 'Xmas Jumper' Volume 3!!! Designed by OIB favourite Thom Mountford and extremely limited to just 25 jumpers in sizes S / M / L, with an attached OIB Records exclusive USB stick featuring 6 of our favourite bands of 2011 all offering up their own unique take on the 'Christmas hit', as well as album artwork and OIB Records sampler. Limited to just 25 jumpers worldwide!

Taking its name from the mythical Austrian “Anti-Santa”; the evil and wicked Krampus deity, this series of festive collections began in 2009 with a lushly Xmas wrapped CD designed and painted by Thom Mountford that sold out in the batting of an eyelash. This was followed in 2010 with the release of ‘Krampus is Coming Volume 2’, a limited to edition (to just 60) USB stick in a cracker with hat, joke and gift! OIB have now expanded this vision even further to deliver a seasonal Xmas jumper USB package, featuring unique musical contributions from…

STUART WARWICK: Heartbreakingly beautiful – the words that spring to mind when you hear Stuart Warwick sing. Having performed alongside the likes of Bat For Lashes, Beirut, and Zola Jesus, Stuart’s hauntingly simple, yet slightly off kilter take on ‘Silent Night’ is ethereal and elegant. Stuart Warwick (formally Jacob Stories) is a true Brighton hero and this marks his first physical release since 2010’s stunning album ‘The Ordeal’.

MUNICH: Munich are a Brighton five piece making an ambitious patchwork of cinematic British anthemic pop. A widescreen guitar based blanket to delve under on a cold and gloomy day, or a super-soaker in the middle of summer. Munich deliver a stadium sized pop rock revered by the UK Press as “Just what British music needs - “XFM” and “Bold, Anthemic and destined for a big stage” - “Music Week”. A shining and exciting prospect.

RUM COMMITTEE: Hailing from the murky depths of Booze Town itself, Rum Com are an eight-man hip-hop army, with the refreshingly inventive beats, razor-sharp rhymes and the swagger of a herd of elephants.

SOFT ARROWS: The plan was simple enough, “do a band”. Two guys go into a run down practice room and emerge months later as Soft Arrows. Plan accomplished. Taking the raw, direct energy of a garage band and the expansive, wavering melodies of shoegaze and playing in near darkness, Soft Arrows take ownership on the limitations of being a two piece band and turn them to their advantage, creating big sounds and claustrophobic vibes.

ROOKS: Genuine, full-throttle, out-and-out garage punk, sweating bullets and spitting blood like there’s no tomorrow. Rooks take no prisoners and don’t hold back.

JIMI SWELLS: The NULLIFIER front-man steps out in his solo guise with this finely-crafted blissed out dream pop ballad of modern whimsy and acerbically self-deprecating wit.

[Small = 20 inches wide x 27 inches long]
[Medium = 22 inches wide x 28 inches long]
[Large = 24 inches wide x 29 inches long]


Limited to just 25 jumpers +USB sticks - Krampus is Coming Volume 3 is now completely SOLD OUT!