Lonely Ghosts

Lonely Ghosts is the alter-ego of Brighton musician Tom Denney. Since 2006 he has used this guise to explore what he considers to be 'pop' music in whatever shape or form it may take.

From his home studio he creates an eclectic mix of songs blending a number of different sounds and styles, including casio-pop, moody synth-scapes, shoegaze guitar drones, woozy harmonies, post-punk, electronica, hip-hop drum beats and emotive vocals.

Lonely Ghosts first came into being while Tom was still playing in indie-noise heroes Help She Can't Swim, and has come into its own since their split in 2008. Lonely Ghosts maintains elements that will be recognizable to those familiar with HSCS's sound but with a much broader scope in instrumentation and style. The release of 2008's well received debut mini-album 'Don't Get Lost or Hurt' cemented both Denney's 'pop' songwriting knack and Lonely Ghosts as his main musical focus.

To date Lonely Ghosts has released four records, the critically acclaimed mini-album ‘Don’t Get Lost or Hurt’ and the debut full length ‘Return From the Search Party’ as well as the singles ‘Come Down From The Mountain / Ghosts of Mice’ and ‘Predictions for the New Year’.

"Delectable slices of symphonic pop" - Rock Sound

"Comparisons to his ex-band Help She Can't Swim are inevitable but this is gentler bedroom indie with layers of lush instrumentation…proof that sometimes ir can be an idea to give up your day job" - Plan B

"Bracing like a fist full of caffeine pills" - NME

Tom also performs in Soft Arrows (with Russell Eke of My Device), Nature Channel (with James Morrison of the Tumbledown Estate and Nullifier) and Nullifier (with Todd Jordan of My Device and James Morrison of Nature Channel)




Lonely Ghosts - Return From The Search Party

OIB011 | 13 Tracks
Love Projection / Statues / Glasgow, Covered in Snow / Hush Up / As My Body Explodes / Come Down From the Mountain / Ghosts of Mice / Green Eyes / Battleships / March! / Predictions for the New Year / Today Was Like Russian Winter / Taking Shape
CD | Download

‘Return From the Search Party’ is Lonely Ghosts debut full-length album. Written in tandem with ‘Don’t Get Lost Or Hurt’, the album expands on the style of its predecessor showing the many disparate sides of the experimental Lonely Ghosts sound. Throughout the record lo-fi indie-pop rubs shoulders against multiple layers of textured sound, be it harsh guitar noises and synths such as on album opener ‘Love Projection’, or lush sweeping strings and clarinets as on the recent limited edition single ‘Ghosts of Mice’. Recorded largely from his home studio, Denney utilises songs like an audio note pad, laying down musical ideas and experiments freely and coupling them with open and emotive vocals. The end result is a rich album that makes leaps stylistically from song to song but is always held together by a strong pop backbone.

This release also features guest contributions from Leesey Frances (ex-Help She Can’t Swim co-vocalist) and members of My Device, Nullifier and The Tumbledown Estate.

“Still carrying on with his DIY home recording fandango, Denney has made me one very happy young lady. Starting with a bit of a slap around the face with ‘Love Projection’, Lonely Ghost’s first full length offering is relentless. The first quarter of the album takes it up a notch with each song; from the Bloc Party-esque (with plenty of added synth), super paced ‘Statues’ to the awesome (and probably my favourite from the album) ‘Hush Up’ which has a very The Rapture sounding bass line (read: brilliant). The mix of that awesome funk-pop bassline with Denney’s venomously spat lyrics is rather, well, good.” – 8/10 Subba Cultcha



Lonely Ghosts - Come Down From The Mountain / Ghosts of Mice

OIB014 | 4 Tracks
Come Down From the Mountain / Forever Distortion / Ghosts of Mice / Game Faces On
7" | Download | Limited to 300 copies


Comprising four completely new recordings, the new double A-side 7inch and digital single 'Come Down from the Mountain / Ghosts of Mice' beautifully showcases the disparate sides to the richly developed and more experimental Lonely Ghosts sound. The B-sides 'Forever Distortion' and 'Game Faces On' are exclusive solely to this release. Features guest contributions from Leesey Frances (ex-Help She Can't Swim vocalist) and members of My Device & The Tumbledown Estate. Limited to just 300 copies worldwide with no repress!



Lonely Ghosts – Don’t Get Lost or Hurt

OIB004 | 8 Tracks
So Young, So Beautiful / Plough Through / Happy Lovers Friends Forever / It’s Time to Wake Up / Maybe You Could Save Me / The Unpopular Future / Good Times / Hole in the Sky
CD | Download


Following on from his debut single release ‘Prediction for the New Year’, Lonely Ghosts releases his debut mini-album ‘Don’t Get Lost or Hurt’ on CD and Download featuring 8 new tracks recorded with Justin Callaway (the producer of the Help She Can’t Swim album ‘The Death of Nightlife’). Musically broader and more personal than his previous output in Help She Can’t Swim, ‘Don’t Get Lost or Hurt’ sees demanding electro beats and casio keys rubbing shoulders with classical instruments, sweeping string sounds, and forgotten tape noise.



OIB Split Volume 1 feat -
The Tumbledown Estate | Lonely Ghosts | Munch Munch | Gay Against You

OIB003 | 4 Tracks
The Tumbledown Estate – Voodoo Wave / Munch Munch – I See Sexy Dead People / Gay Against You – Wall Wizards Part Two / Lonely Ghosts – Predictions for the New Year
7" | Limited to 450 copies


Each volume is limited to just 450 copies worldwide and comes with reversible gatefold sleeves, inserts, and one-inch badges designed by the bands involved.

The first volume in our limited edition split 7" series. Each volume is built around a loose musical theme with four artists that share a similar ethos in their approach to music construction. As a release the OIB Records split series is designed to provide an outlet for its acts to experiment more widely and create something outside the parameters of the more cohesive album or EP format.

"None of these tracks are a gamble and it's very well curated, check it out!" - Music-dash.co.uk

"All these bands are definitely worth further investigation" - Art rocker



Krampus is Coming Volume 1
feat - Curly Hair | The Hornblower Brothers | Lonely Ghosts | Pseudo Nippon | Foxes! | My Device

OIBR001 | 6 Tracks
The Hornblower Brothers – Christmas Song / Curly Hair – Silly Billy Yellow / Foxes! – Christmas Songs / Lonely Ghosts – Christmas Time Is Here / Pseudo Nippon + The Todd Shrimp – Jingle Bells / My Device – Xmas In November
£4.99 - SOLD OUT | Limited to 50 copies


“A very limited edition hand-made CD compilation bringing together six of our favourite Brighton bands offering up their unique take on the 'Christmas hit'. All hand-drawn and numbered by Tom Mountford.

Limited to just 50 copies worldwide with no digital.