Mewgatz, named after a child's mispronunciation (or is that misconception) of music, is the twisted brain-child of Ed McGregor. Originating from a velux windowed, floral carpeted attic in the Midlands with nothing more than a collection of old abandoned Yamaha synths, Amiga's, and V-tech speaking teachers, Mewgatz quickly turned his electronic graveyard into his own personal sanctuary where he taught himself the warped art of circuit-bending.

His guerrilla art-form involves taking an electronic noise making device and intentionally buggering about with its circuitry, finding and soldering in short-circuits to create new sounds that were never before thought possible or even desirable. It's these unpredictable sounds and harsh mechanical exteriors that Mewgatz then melds into his weird and wonderful organic electronic monologues. It's a delicate process that Mewgatz considers as his "personal quest, to find that fleeting moment where in the void between human fragility and robotic malfunction, unpredictability and stability can collide".

Falling somewhere between the Magnetic Fields and Squarepusher, these rich and subversive musical compositions are brought to life by Mewgatz trademark humble and bittersweet lyrics surrounding the themes of 'lost and found love' and his continued frustration at electronic music's incessant dependency upon modern technology.









Mewgatz - Love Songs and Car Boot Electronica

OIB008 | 14 Tracks
Photocopy / A_Part / Transatlantic Fiberoptics / Arm Control / Linkup / Restrain / Aquarium / Dwarved / Difference / Function / G.P.S. / £3 Disco / Style 19 / Moscow Waltz
CD | Download

Following the critically acclaimed Underfelt EP in 2007 comes Mewgatz debut album ‘Love Songs and Car Boot Electronica’. 16 months in the making, the album comprises 14 incredibly introspective and heart-warming tracks which are as much about the fragility of relationships as they the fragility of machinery. Falling somewhere between the Magnetic Fields, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Squarepusher, these rich and subversive musical compositions are brought to life by Mewgatz trademark humble and bittersweet lyrics surrounding the themes of lost and found love and his continuing frustration at his dependency upon the modern technology which makes his music.

The artwork for ‘Love Songs and Car Boot Electronica’ was all designed by the seminal Chicago cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, famous for his autobiographical comic books ‘Clumsy’, ‘Unlikely’ and ‘Little Things’ as well as album artwork for Los Campesinos and music videos for Death Cab for Cutie. Both artists construct their art in a very similar lo-fi, emotional, and humorous way, Jeffrey Brown for example is famous for continually drawing his characters out of proportion or incorrect so as to mirror the awkwardness of the situation he depicts, where as Mewgatz utalises abused robotic malfunctions to underscore his themes of human fragility. It was this joint appreciation of their love for the small details of people’s everyday lives that brought these two artists together.

Here on ‘Love Songs and Car Boot Electronica’ Jeffrey Brown offers both a rare six panel full-colour digipak as well as a 16 page album interpretation comic book as the insert liner notes.

You can see the “Creative Review” feature on the Jeffrey Brown / Mewgatz artwork here.

“This isn't just an artist trying to push boundaries for the sake of it. He has combined his interesting beats and blips with lyrics about life, relationships and his everyday struggles. What comes through as the album unfolds though is the positivity that things will get better…The album isn't the hard listen that so many in this genre are, but instead draws you in with each listen. I urge you to fall in love with this record.” – The 405

“It’s hard to dislike an album that exhibits this much home-hewn charm” – AU Magazine








Mewgatz - Underfelt EP

OIB002 | 6 Tracks
A_Part / Arm Control / Speak and Spell / Aquarium / Difference / Serca
10” Vinyl | Download

Constructed around the brain of a £3 Yamaha keyboard and an 80's keytar, Mewgatz debut ‘Underfelt’ EP is 30 minutes of dark and harrowing basement pop. Paying homage to his fascination with original keyboard presets and demo songs, Mewgatz fuses glitching preset bossanova beats with delicate guitar chord progressions and tender untrained vocals, schizophrenically remixing popular contemporary tracks until they’re bent out of all recognition. These are lo-fidelity electronic ballads drenched in raw, passionate, and vulnerable emotion, a true testament to his quest for melodic chaos, to find that void between human fragility and robotic malfunction where unpredictability and stability collide.

"Tender mechanics and loft-space constellations…as unloved mini-robots put out tiny feelers into the cosmos Mewgatz feeds them with crystallised quizzical melodies" - Plan B

"Makes the more difficult moments of Radiohead's 'Kid A' sound like a Cheeky Girls single" -

"Wonderfully eschewed pop manipulated through broken down children's instruments" - Subba Cultcha EP of the Month