Pseudo Nippon

The myth surrounding Pseudo Nippon is vast and murky but what we do know is that he's a placeless electro wizz-kid that makes mad-capped electro J-pop from whatever house or shed he happens to be 'house-sitting' that week. Musically Pseudo Nippon sounds like a bastard hybrid of the Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares and Gay Against You if they all grew up on a strict diet of lucky charms and Manga, or as Pseudo Nippon himself describes it “music is of hi kick and utter super joy for enter ears. Make sound like cheap, so cheap that again joy enter ear, with little toy keyboard and little vibraphone but big big big beat like an electro gabba pop beef magnet attracted to positive ear receiver and stomach rumbler”…quite.

Live Pseudo Nippon is joined by Colden Drystone on drums and his two touring dancers ‘T Rex’ and ‘Wiggly Worm’....

In his own words:

Formed: pseudo start in 2006, he grew up in pala pala world where everything pala so much influence on his presents. the song he sound is important to his roots as pala. with influence of quantum physic higgs boson and jon bon jovi the many goodness, actually.

Hometown: live in garden shed in london. he so well connected that he has sweet deal, he sleep in garden in peckham and grow vegetable in return. the shed is no freezing just about carpet wall and soon fresh crop of potato outside. actually. pseudo now eye up the sheds of big capital city london, ahh so much family size shed. actually.

Philosophy: pseudo think more cool you bring to world is get paid. and let know you appreciate cool, write letter say “you cool” to the bringer. then everyone make change to happen cool everywhere. so pseudo try many thing bring cool, he has alias where write cool play, or alais that do conceptual art (cool) or do make website of really good story tee shirt, and flying squirrel costume cycling all over london, happy faces laugh at the pseudo.

Education: pseudo go to art college and at end say hey I could do many thing, like hide large animal in building, or I could stop talk on bridge for my life, or I could set up organisation that help failing art man to give up practice, but I don’t do this so you give me fail please as my work, and then they give him first. so pseudo disappointed but also happy.

Future: pseudo plans. 1. grow vegeatbles. 2. write play. 3. make worlds first pantshood (it is underpants with hood). 4. get paid (long term plan)

Cosmic Plan: shoooooooooooooooooooooooo.












Pseudo Nippon – Universal Pork Tai Chi
OIB017 | 12 Tracks
Gobachi / Hotdog is No Name for a Song / Kanye East the Edo Monster / Indo Man / I’m On Top of You / Temple of Shed (Boy Power) / Jebubu and the Whale / Takitane / Big Man Moustache / Universal Pork Tai Chi / My Red Face / Temple of Shed (Boy Explosion ((Incredible)))
CD | Download


Direct from the mouth of Pseudo Nippon:

'Universal Pork Tai Chi', is inner space philospohy that lead to Fish Gods. Pseudo Nippon follow Universal Pork Tai Chi for many years, following teacher like Jebubu and Fishlady.

Jebubu was cosmic priest who lived in shed for thousands of years, fish would offer themselves to him, flap across land, and he would open shed door and fish there to eat and practice the philospohy in shed. Pseudo had come to live in the shed, now Temple of Shed for one and half year where he record this album. The album is Pseudo pala machine to express the underlying unknown in all we base are world on. Now physicists are finding new sub atomic prime particles that point to fish god existence beyond the multi-verse. stephen hawking beef.

This album sound utter joy because one way of universal pork tai chi moment is when have utter joy you no longer try. when you do practice of no try, connect to the eternal becoming of all energy and mass. never eat the same beef twice as all beef flux as all pork flux and as all holy yam flux. This joy when listen to songs make your heart beat in pufferfish green light with prawns leading procession to the grandmothers choir. at this point you appreciate your family.

Pseudo has four children.

"sounds like Dan Deacon having a jam with Konono No. 1 under the musical direction of The Chipmunks" - THE SKINNY

"Imagine 'Devo' or 'Boredoms' at their most unhinged and unpredictable" - SUBBA CULTCHA

" there's never a dull moment. Free your mind.. then laugh yourself silly while Pseudo Nippon blows it to multicoloured smithereens." - WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN



Pseudo Nippon - Edamame Freakout EP
OIB012 | 4 Tracks
Constellation Jebubu / Beef Egg Revenge / Cosmic Evan / Fishlady
7" | Limited to 300 copies


The debut Pseudo Nippon EP release 'Edamame Freakout' is four tracks of mad-capped hardcore electro J-pop. Set to be one of the true gems in the OIB Records crown, this is one of the most exciting releases we've ever done. Limited to just 300 copies worldwide with no repress this 7" is going to be one beauty, cosmic, constellation surprise that you won't want to miss!

As Pseudo himself describes it:

Pseudo want to come from space and cosmic vibrato is the sending of brilliants outer limit, how many you ask? 100 hundred brilliants!!!!

The sounds is new of comic, and the children dance under berry bushes listening a pseudo electro jazz solo. He, I, Pseudo Nippon is try energier, and harder and fasterer so the live show is explosion. “My head explode…so much fun” the fan say with sweat.

‘Edamame Freakout’ is the first to hit planet Earth but by 2015 there be many more. Eda Eda freak is 7inch with four cosmic hits:
1. Constellation jebubu (the fisherman in all.)
2. Beef egg revenge (The revenge with use of beefegg power)
3. Cosmic evan ( he is eat the solo coming for family)
4. Fishlady (divine beauty unnatural amazing)
And here the tracks intertwine with it, and Pseudo Nippon does the folklore with pompakleen. What then you ask of more?



Krampus is Coming Volume 1
feat - Curly Hair | The Hornblower Brothers | Lonely Ghosts | Pseudo Nippon | Foxes! | My Device

OIBR001 | 6 Tracks
The Hornblower Brothers – Christmas Song / Curly Hair – Silly Billy Yellow / Foxes! – Christmas Songs / Lonely Ghosts – Christmas Time Is Here / Pseudo Nippon + The Todd Shrimp – Jingle Bells / My Device – Xmas In November
£4.99 - SOLD OUT | Limited to 50 copies


“A very limited edition hand-made CD compilation bringing together six of our favourite Brighton bands offering up their unique take on the 'Christmas hit'. All hand-drawn and numbered by Tom Mountford.

Limited to just 50 copies worldwide with no digital.