Sea Monsters

Volume 1


In 2011, with over 20 releases and hundreds of live shows under our belt and more on the horizon, OIB has grown from a boutique kitchen table collective into an international label and promotions company that promotes throughout the UK, releasing records and singles around the world for some of the worlds finest international acts such as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Why?, Oneida, Knyfe Hyts, and the Death Set.

Yet while OIB has expanded internationally the Brighton scene has remained crucial to the development of our tastes and direction. Time has come to spread the good word to the wider world and with that in mind we collated 18 of the most vital and engaging new bands on the Brighton Scene into a comprehensive compilation album. It’s a multi-genre showcase of just how wide Brighton’s musical spectrum is, and a love-letter to the town that allows this type of shenanigan to thrive.

Across the 18 tracks you’ll hear the cool surf-rock of The Squadron Leaders and the Sticks; the slick pop perfection of Pope Joan and Nullifier; the enveloping folk-noir of Sons of Noel and Adrian and Birdengine; the 8-bit brutality of Drum Eyes and Soccer96; and the harsh garage rock of Illness and Cold Pumas; alongside a whole host of other artists and genres.




Sea Monsters - The Best of Brighton - Various Artists

OIB023 | 18 Tracks
The Sticks – Night of Pleasure / Pope Joan – Ground is Shaky / Nullifier – Burn Up on Re-Entry / Hind Ear – Coconut / Us Baby Bear Bones – Encore to a Fictional Idea / Sons of Noel and Adrian – Black Side of the River / The Hornblower Brothers – Mossy Epitaph / Curly hair – Pumpkin Eye / Jane Bartholomew – Fiery Son / Stuart Warwick – Advice to married Women Vol.1 / Salter Cane – Sorrow / Birdengine – No Arms and No Friends / Crowns on the Rats Orchestra – The Markov Charade / Markov Parade / Soccer 96 – California / Illness – the Guardian / Cold Pumas – Proof of Man / Drum Eyes – Future Police / The Squadron Leaders – Sad Song
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Volume 2












Following last year’s fantastic celebration of Brighton’s musical underground. SEA MONSTERS is back, bigger and better than ever! Expanding by five extra bands and nearly 40 extra minutes Sea Monsters 2 presents the 23 most crucial bands in Brighton in 2012 across two intense CDs.

As always it was incredibly difficult to whittle the scene down to just 23 standout new artists. Across this comprehensive compilation you’ll get to hear the indie-pop perfection of Munich and Black Black Hills; the quirkiness of Restlesslist and Us Baby Bear Bones; the youthful exuberance of Tyrannosaurus Dead and Fear of Men; the electronic assault of DA-10 and The Physics House Band; the balls-out psychjamzzz of Negative Pegasus; and the heavier-than-thou dark-side of Sea Bastard and Plague Sermon; amongst many, many others. It’s an experimental set of music that switches genres more times in the space of two discs than even Madonna dared to, a real testament to the true depth and excitement of the Brighton scene in 2012.


RESTLESSLIST: Brighton’s surf prog instrumentalists Restlesslist are about to go cataclysmic. Hauled up through 2011 preparing what we can fairly say is the most ambitious sound to come out of Brighton ever since errrrr ever!

NULLIFIER: Nullifier is the musical experiment of Jim and Todd. Jim, cynically, seereality as sentimental. Todd drinks beer and dances a lot. Sometimes they get it together & finish a song. They are big advocates of basslines chopped to 1/8, and distorting EVERYTHING. Live they grow 12 extra legs.

MUNICH: Munich deliver an ambitious stadium sized patchwork of cinematic British anthemic pop. A widescreen guitar based blanket to delve under on a cold and gloomy day, or a super-soaked in the middle of summer.

TALL SHIPS: Tall Ships combine complex, layered and beautiful soundscapes with intelligent songwriting.Drawing from elements of math rock and angular pop Tall Ships draw influence from Battles, Minus the Bear, Sigur Ros and Prince.

SOFT ARROWS: Taking the raw, direct energy of a garage band and the expansive, wavering melodies of shoegaze and playing in near darkness, Soft Arrows create big sounds and claustrophobic vibes.

FEAR OF MEN: Fear of Men are undoubtedly one of the key breakthrough acts of the Brighton scene in 2011. Drawing influence from The Chills, Grouper, The Raincoats and Daniel Johnston, FOM create youthful fuzz-pop which instantly caught the ears of both Italian Beach Babes and Sex is Disgusting.

TYRANNOSAURUS DEAD: Formed only a year ago TD create a melodic and fuzzed sound unlike anyone else around yet manage to retain a warmth and familiarity owing to the amalgam of their strong Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth influences.

THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND: Born from a love of classic 70’s fusion and contemporary electronica, PHB make compositions reminiscent of Jaga Jazzist, Yes and Pink Floyd, coupled with the technical tunefulness of The Mars Volta and Battles.

SPEAK GALACTIC: Speak Galactic make nonlinear, underwater pop music, using pitch-shifted guitars and reverb smeared tape loops.

DA-10: Made up of MPC master 10-David and synth genius Danalouge, DA-10 take their name from a mythological piece of hardware with the power to fuse crispy drums, twinkling lead lines and poo-your-pants bass.

THE SQUADRON LEADERS: Born out of the ashes of Fission Ignition (an experimental fusion of electro, surf guitar & bebop brass) came The Squadron Leaders, a group of true instro/surf originals.

SONS OF NOEL & ADRIAN: Hot off tour supporting Mumford and Sons, the undisputed kings of the folk-noir scene offer up a sneak preview of their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Knots’ which will be released on 12” vinyl via OIB in 2012.

US BABY BEAR BONES: Us Baby Bear Bones are Daisy Warne and Puff Gandolfo. Creating often ethereal sounds, they combine uncomfortably honest lyrics, sweetened vocals and flights of fancy, with sounds akin to Why?/Pinback.

JUMPING SHIPS: Jumping Ships are an alternative rock pop quartet who have just released their second EP ‘Standard Bearer’ (Rocksound 8/10) through Alcopop! Recent shows include supporting Bombay Bicycle Club, Camden Crawl, and The Great Escape.

BLACK BLACK HILLS: Intricate and complex without compromising their perfectly crafted melodies, BBH create indie pop music at its most intelligent and exciting. 2011 saw Black Black Hills release their two most accomplished singles to date, The Cebration and A Drowning.

HELIOPAUSE: Begun in their native Belfast as a way of articulating those inexplicable, intimate moments in life, Heliopause then relocated to Brighton in order to produce lush-sounding, understated, cinematic pop.

ROBERT STILLMAN: Robert Stillman is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work lives at the intersections of song, sonic arts, and history. Reflecting an awareness of process, location, and medium, RS’s compositions draw upon popular and folk forms – most recently, American pre-jazz and rural music. 2011 saw the release of Stillman’s critically acclaimed album ‘Machine’s Song’ on One Inch Badge.

TWIN BROTHER: Twin Brother is the stage name of 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist Alex Wells. Possessing a strong vocal likened to Nick Cave and Tom Waits, TB will excite fans of Arcade Fire, The National, The Strokes.

CINEMASCOPES: With a heavy arsenal of kraut rhythmed, pedal ridden, panic stricken jams, Cinemascopes are one of Brighton’s most exciting bands. With their debut record coming in 2012 expect to hear a lot more from these boys.

NEGATIVE PEGASUS: Neg Peg make hard-psych noise rock from echos, feedback and whispers. All prehistoric rhythms, down-tuned riffs and disintegrated electronics.

I'M BEING GOOD: Brighton bands don’t come much more historic than I’m Being Good. Starting life as bedroom warrior Andrew Clare’s early 90’s guitar-dirge-on-tape steed, TBG swiftly clocked up five LPs of beautiful, ugly, detuned, spitting and spluttering rock as well as an infamous ‘Peel session’.

PLAGUE SERMON: In the 7 years since its inception, Plague Sermon has meandered far from it’s scream roots. Picking up members of Charlottefield, State Icons and Trencher, the band has forged a volatile, unpredictable blend of minimal, hypnotic, cyclical drones, ethereally grinding melodies and deafening sludge riffs.

SEA BASTARD: Formed in July 2011 from the ashes of recently-deceased Brighton doom bands, Jovian and Funeral hag, Sea Bastard is a fusion of their two sounds; the uncompromising lethargy of Jovian meeting the groove of Funeral Hag.




Sea Monsters 2 - The Best of Brighton - Various Artists

OIB023 | 23 Tracks
Disc One
Restlesslist - Magma / Nullifier - Canguu Thunderbolts / Munich - Hero Of Mine / Tall Ships - Hit The Floor / Soft Arrows - The Arcade Grave / Fear Of Men - Doldrums / Tyrannosaurus Dead - 1992 / The Physics House Band - Titan / Speak Galactic - Long Distances / DA-10 - Respirator / Squadron Leaders - Brothel Creepers

Disc Two
Sons Of Noel & Adrian - Rise / Us Baby Bear Bones - Rain / Jumping Ships - Talisman / Black Black Hills - The Celebration / Heliopause - Try To Lose / Robert Stillman - Impossible Tree / Twin Brother - Backseat Routine / Cinemascopes - Small Blue Waves / Negative Pegasus - Floating Omen / I'm Being Good - NanoParty / Plague Sermon - Black Sleep / Sea Bastard - Taedium

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Volume 3









Anyone needing further proof of the strength of Brighton’s musical underground need look no further than the 3rd installment of One Inch Badge’s 'Sea Monsters - The Best of Brighton' compilation: Packed with 25 seminal tracks from the most important bands in Brighton, Sea Monsters 3 unleashes almost two hours of unmissable music across two incredible CDs and digital.

Since last years critically acclaimed Sea Monsters 2, which featured artists such as Tall Ships, Fear Of Men and Sons of Noel And Adrian, One Inch Badge have promoted over 200 shows throughout the UK for over 500 bands. That’s one serious amount of talent!

Choosing from the innumerable Brightonian artists on the scene was always a daunting task, but some always burn too bright to be ignored. Highlights this year include: Psychedelic space/jazz three piece The Physics House Band, who since Sea Monsters have gone on to sign with Blood & Biscuits – home of Three Trapped Tigers, Tall Ships & Sleep Party People. Kraut-Grunge- Poppers Traams recently signed to Fat-Cat records following Sea Monsters Festival. Songstress Abi Wade’s fusing of incredible vocals, beat’s and immense cello manipulation have lead her to sign to Brighton indie label Love Thy Neighbour, and receive an invitation to tour the UK + Europe with Patrick Wolf. Four piece Kins’ lush, layered and elegant pop gems have had them compared to Radiohead, Fever Ray and Alt-J. Their recent sold out headline show at Brighton’s Green Door Store adding to the massive anticipation surrounding them. Gnarwolves who’s fast and frenetic live shows have since seen them sign to Big Scary Monsters/Pink Mist and amass over 5k Facebook fans in under a year. There is no wonder that they’re being billed as the UK’s favourite new punk band. Songsmith Jacko Hooper who has caught the attention and hearts of the continent with collective youtube hits of over a 1⁄4 million.

Featuring on Sea Monsters 3’s snapshot of the most vital and engaging new bands coming out of Brighton are:

KINS: Lush, layered, elegant pop gems from this exciting 4 piece. Likened to Radiohead, Fever Ray, and Alt-J with Television-esque guitars.

PHORIA: Combining beguiling melodies, elegant arrangements and ethereal vocals to produce beautiful and eclectic music akin to Sigur Ros.

LUO: Luo is youngster Josh Trinnaman, manipulator of ambient electro, live guitar, and full on breaks akin to Venetian Snares.

SOCCER96: A stripped-down, amped-up analogue synth vs live drum assault! Proud to have them return as they continue to go from strength to strength with their psychic glitch pop acrobatics.

TRAAMS: Traams lull you into a blissful stupor with their superior blend of foot stomping, kraut-gazing-grunge-pop. A highly recommended live experience!

NEGATIVE PEGASUS: Consciousness expanding hard-pysch 3 piece fusing lopped rhythms, ghostly vocals, with primal pounding drums and a thick haze of reverberant woozy effects.

PHYSICS HOUSE BAND: PHB continue in hoarding legions of fans. True physicians of sound fusing psych and prog with the ferocity of Mars Volta and tunefulness of Battles.

THEDEALWASFORTHEDIAMOND: The perfect blend of math-rock and post-rock, TDWFTD make a euphoric cacophony that will bend your mind and rattle your bones.

WRITTEN IN WATERS: Think Kate Bush meets Devin Townsend. Think Team Sleep and nods of Cinematic Orchestra. Indefinable and immense live act.

IF HEROES SHOULD FAIL: Ambient, inspired soundscapes, dramatically dynamic and cathartic post-hardcore with meaning.

BROKER: Energetic post-hardcore/punk, lulling you in before a barrage of ass pounding bass lines and full on assault in form of Fugazi or Oxbow.

GNARWOLVES: One of the most talked about of their kind in the UK at the moment. Fast, frenetic, 100% VIBES.

SUAVE DEBONAIR: AKA Kid Genius, Suave himself joins the bill with plenty of critical acclaim. Boasting a wealth of lyrical wit, flair, and endless flow, this one set you won’t want to miss.

RUM COMMITTEE: Super-crew consisting of 4 MCs, 1 singer & 5 producers/DJs. Having caught their big set with MF DOOM @ Concorde 2 last year, we guarantee a big party.

DA-10: 2 men, a plethora of analogue synthesizers and programmed beats, DA-10 will get you moving with their fusion of live glitch electronic dub.

GREAT PAGANS: Combining great beats with intricate and bittersweet noisy indie-pop, oozing with originality. Imagine early Pavement, in a dark place...

PLASTICINE: Carrying the Brit-pop baton and making it relevant for the new millennium in ways never before imagined, this is a fusing of the past and the future with soaring melodies and big choruses.

LOOSE LIPS: Big hooks, high tempos, and a well crafter blend of mainstream punk and indie jams!

900 SPACES: Citing influences from Cyndi Lauper and The Cure, with distinguished elements of Foals, 900 Spaces are a full half-hour of party power.

TIGERCUB: The ultimate rock n roll explosion! Sublime musicianship meets perfectly crafted melodic pop yet hard hitting rock.

ALMIGHTY PLANETS: Family stone soul and blues style samples with their signature badass hip-hop sound!

ABI WADE: Abi is a one-woman machine, fusing incredible vocals, beats and immense manipulation of the cello to create amazing loops, memorable hooks, and haunting songs.

JACK HOOPER: One of our favourite singer-songwriters of this year. With a dedicated army of followers around the world and a voice recalling the late Jeff Buckley, we predict huge things for next year...

HOLY VESSELS: Holy Vessels are slick beyond slick. Dubbed as “Psychedelic roots-flavoured rock and roll”, they bring bags of style, soul and unforgettable flair to their captivating live shows.




Sea Monsters 3 - The Best of Brighton - Various Artists

OIB027 | 25 Tracks

Disc One
Kins – Top & Turn (Demo) / Phoria – Red / Luo – Fears / Soccer96 – Aquarius / Squadron Leaders – Guiones de Escadrilla / Traams – Peggy / Negative Pegasus – Natural Jazz / Physics House Band – Abraxical Solapse / Thedealwasforthediamond – For My Sins / Written in Waters – Ligeia / If Hereos Should Fail – Arras (ii) / Broker – Pro Rata / Gnarwolves – Coffee

Disc Two
Suave Debonair – Rule Breaker / Rum Committee – Bar After Bar / DA-10 feat. Us Baby Bear Bones – Indigo / Great Pagans – Teenage Silhouettes / Plasticine – Hard Being Strange / Loose Lips – Dr Evil / 900 Spaces – Eleven Pairs of Wings / Tigercub – Little Rope / Almighty Planets – Oh the Days (* CD only) / Abi Wade – Heavy Heart / Jacko Hooper – In Angers / Holy Vessels – Fever

2 X CD | Download