From Kingston-Upon-Thames, Tubelord have made widespread success and popularity seem effortlessly easy. Their precision crafted neon pop and math-rock comes steeped in a rich tradition of studio- based songwriting, and bares the marks of maturity of a band twice their age. With a strong and unfaltering DIY ethos guiding their every move from day one, the world that Tubelord have built around themselves is a day-glow, esoteric playground filled with breakneck time signature changes, wanton guitar riffage, and bright bold colours.




OIB Split Volume 4 feat -
Calories | Tubelord | My Device | Oneida

OIB019 | 4 Tracks
Calories – Incredible Visions / Tubelord – Cows To The West, Cities To The East / My Device – Sea Robins / Oneida – Economy Travel 2
7" | Limited to 450 copies


Following on from OIB Records Split Series Volume 2 (feat: Half-handed Cloud; SJ Esau; Suburban Kids With Biblical Names; Kopek) and OIB Records Split Series Volume 3 (feat: Lovvers; Knyfe Hyts; The Death Set; Best Fwends) comes OIB Records Split Series Volume 4, a limited edition 7” bringing together four of the most crucial and exciting contemporary math-emo and psych-rock bands.

Tubelord – Cows To The West, Cities To The East

The Hassle Records signed and Kingston-based hyper-pop powerhouse Tubelord favour us with this very special offering, a rare “non-acoustic” stadium-rock reworking of previously released acoustic track ‘Cows To The East, Cities To The West’. With a far-reaching scope applied to the already epic original, this is an amped-up, day-glow tinted take on a melodically rich song, which loses none of its subtlety or harmonic flavor in the process.

Limited to just 450 copies worldwide each record comes with reversible gatefold sleeves, inserts and one-inch badges designed by the bands involved.

**OIB Records webstore exclusive, the first 50 sales of Split Series Volume 4 come with a very limited edition set of all 4 badges, each one designed by the bands involved, retail copies only come with one badge for the corresponding artists cover.