Tumbledown Estate

The Tumbledown Estate is a one-man avant-pop explosion, orchestrated by the indie-surf eccentric Jim Morrison (no, not that one). Sounding frantic, passionate and off the wall one moment and chock full of over powering pop goodness the next, the Tumbledown Estate come on like Stephen Merritt and Of Montreal jamming out Blur tunes with the Bronx, if you can imagine such a thing! We’ve never truly understood the warped mind of the Tumbledown Estate, but if we did it probably wouldn’t be as much fun.

Jim also fronts the hyper-pop supergroup Nullifier.











OIB Split Volume 1 feat -
The Tumbledown Estate | Lonely Ghosts | Munch Munch | Gay Against You

OIB003 | 4 Tracks
The Tumbledown Estate – Voodoo Wave / Munch Munch – I See Sexy Dead People / Gay Against You – Wall Wizards Part Two / Lonely Ghosts – Predictions for the New Year
7" | Limited to 450 copies


Each volume is limited to just 450 copies worldwide and comes with reversible gatefold sleeves, inserts, and one-inch badges designed by the bands involved.

The first volume in our limited edition split 7" series. Each volume is built around a loose musical theme with four artists that share a similar ethos in their approach to music construction. As a release the OIB Records split series is designed to provide an outlet for its acts to experiment more widely and create something outside the parameters of the more cohesive album or EP format.

"None of these tracks are a gamble and it's very well curated, check it out!" - Music-dash.co.uk

"All these bands are definitely worth further investigation" - Art rocker