Wednesday 13th October

Green Door Store, Brighton

New Pagans are one of the most exciting and interesting rising acts, both sonically and visually. The band’s name is a reference to the Latin paganus, originally meaning villager or outsider, reflecting their mission to stay removed from the city rules and the orthodox.


Their latest single ‘Yellow Room’ was released August 2020 and went on to become Steve Lamacq’s ‘Record Of The Week’ on his BBC 6 Music drive time show. 


The band use their creative influence to challenge past and present issues surrounding relationships, equality, history, and gender, all wrapped up in their alternative, post-punk, indie rock style.


Their voice is a loud and important one, with much more still to come for 2020 and beyond. As a collective they offer a wealth of artistic scope from Lyndsey’s skills in Irish embroidery, her historical knowledge and distinctive vocals, bassist Claire Miskimmin (Girls Names, Cruising) visual artistry and talents as a director, to the musical experience of guitarists Cahir O’Doherty (Jetplane Landing, Fighting With Wire), Alan McGreevy and drummer Conor McAuley. The band schedules are designed to fit around parenthood and other duties, a quality Lyndsey believes to be a mark of achievement.


“It has turned into a way of showing other girls and other women that they can do this, no matter what their circumstances are. If you’ve got two kids and you’re married, it’s okay. If you’re 35, it’s fine. We’re not trying to be a young band. We are what we are – with all that experience.”