Scarlet Sails

Monday 5th November - The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

New York-based Moscow-born singer, songwriter, and pianist Olya Viglione met former Dresden Dolls drummer, Brian Viglione, at one of New York’s lower east side rock clubs, a thunderbolt of lightning they hit it on both fronts. 
They formed Scarlet Sails soon after, where they introduced the elaborate blend of piano pop & theatrical rock. The musical alchemy of the band is equal parts Bowie, Queen, Radiohead, and Otis Redding. Along with guitarist Mark Kohut and bassist Kevin Jones, they approached rock with a grandiose flair, and Olya's raw and one-of-a-kind voice, and her honest, existential lyricism decorate their sound with rasp and swagger. 
In April 2017 they released their ambitious first album, Future from the Past, four music videos, and toured the east and west coasts of the U.S.