Sunday 7th November

The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Liverpudlian indie pop quartet Spinn channel the jangly ‘80s sounds Orange Juice, the Smiths, Echo & the Bunnymen, and the Cure into catchy, melodic tunes. Becoming local favourites, they released their eponymous debut album while they were all still in their early twenties. 


Spinn was formed in 2015 by schoolfriends Johnny Quinn (vocals), Andy Power (guitar), and bassist Sean McLachlan. When their original drummer left to join the police force, they recruited his replacement, Louis O’Reilly, after meeting him walking down the street with a pair of drumsticks in his hand and asking him if he wanted to join their band. Originally a mod act called the Spinning Tops, they eventually shortened their name and ditched the suites but kept the jangly pop style that would become their trademark. Eschewing any attempts at being “cool” in favour of simply writing good pop songs, they quickly built up a fan base locally and nationally through constant touring and a highly visible social media presence. Their eponymous debut EP, self-released in 2017, attracted more widespread attention and let to licensing deals in the U.S. and Japan. Their eponymous debut album was release two years later.