New date: Saturday 15th January 

(Original date: Friday 28th January)
Chalk, Brighton

We are not Devo but We Are Not Devo! Totally! And even if we can get no satisfaction we will try and try to make sure you get yours! So whip it good and join the spud patrol. Yes, We Are Not Devo are the UK’s only Devo tribute band. They come from Akron Ohio via the Yorkshire Dales and they will be performing choice slabs of gonzo, mutoid, oddball classics from the career of one of America’s greatest bands. The live show is a veritable spectacular, a riot of colour and craziness complete with matching suits and the Devo’s trademark red energy Dome hats. The band consists of Synth Spud , Guitar Spud 1, Guitar Spud 2 , Bass Spud and Drum Spud…Spud being the affectionate name given to followers of Devo and we suspect there is a lot of you out there. Calling all Spuds! Please feel free to wear your Devo hats and geeky glasses because it’s a beautiful world we live in …well sometimes.